DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post December
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Some of the core principals of entrepreneurship include:

1) People

2) Product (s)

3) Process

4) Perseverance

5) Price

6) Market

1. PEOPLE: Get people with the same knowledge and skills as you (or more than yours) into the team to develop a robust system. Network with people who are in the same business as you are in order to get ideas and avoid some mistakes which they may have made earlier on in the business.

2. PRODUCT(S):  Develop product (s) that solve specific problem(s) by taking into consideration the future. You can do this by harnessing the internet and new technologies to develop unique products/services.

3. PROCESS: As entrepreneurs, take the pain to put a process in place and take your business through it, as you cannot afford to start a business anyhow. A process will keep business thriving.

4. PERSEVERANCE: Be ready to persevere even in the face of rejection by potential investors. For every NO a potential investor give, go back to check your method of presentation/pitching but never the original presentation. Never give up easily especially when you are sure that your products are innovative enough to solve specific problems.

5. PRICE: Together with your team, identify the potential investors who have the capacity to fund your business. Business owners and entrepreneurs should study investors who have the capacity to fund their innovations and connect with them through presentations and business pitching.

6. MARKET: Know your target market. Know when to go public and when to stay private Your product/service(s) shouldn’t be about everybody, focus on the right market and your business would grow.

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