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Bible Reference: Galatians 5: 16-26

Once upon a time, there was a pastor who went out into a village to extend the gospel of Christ in a town. After preaching the gospel, they saw a choice land, a large expanse of land which they thought was good for the gospel. Upon investigation, he was told that the only herbalist in the town owned the land. He took courage and discussed the possibility of having the land with the herbalist. The herbalist said that the land belonged to the gods and to his ancestors.

However, he sees a light around the Pastor’s church which is indescribable since he came to the town hence, he will give him the land. He added that when the Church begins, he will donate all his children to his church to go serve his God. The Pastor made a part payment to seal the transaction. In the following weeks, news spread all over the town that the herbalist had given the choice land to the Church. Soon, other pastors came asking about this same land.

The following weeks, more pastors came from other churches asking for the same land. It was here the shame of modern Christianity was to be revealed to all. When the pastors heard the ridiculous amount the herbalist gave away the land, some were sad. They offered to pay more to the herbalist if he could cancel the earlier deal. But this herbalist refused and gave them a piece of his mind: “Why do you Christians, and pastors betray each other? I told you the land has been sold yet you want to buy it offering a larger amount. That is treachery.

Why is there so much treachery among you Christians? In Ifa tradition, we don’t betray each other. For instance, if I am involved in a case, no other herbalist would intervene anywhere you go because we don’t betray each other. You go about shouting on microphone and speakers that Jesus is the Way, yet you have lost the way. You said Jesus is the Truth, yet there is no truth in you. I cannot discern truth in you, only treachery, betrayal and falsehood. How can you be followers of the Truth and yet be devoid of truth?

How can you be preaching Him who is the Way yet you have lost the way? My children preached to me everyday to abandon Ifa tradition and come to church. But I cannot do it because there is no truth in you. You have the Truth, but you are not true. For example, if I should collect money again from you and give you the land after having sold it, the gods would punish me and afflict my family for that betrayal. This is why I cannot go to church.

Pastors, why is there so much betrayal, treachery, fraud, disloyalty, envy, etc, amongst us? We preach the Cross of Christ but the Cross hasn’t crossed out all the works of the flesh in us. Shall we consider our ways. No kingdom divided against itself can stand. Let brotherly love continue. Let’s walk and work in love afterall, we are working for the same Father.

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