DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post December
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Tuesday, 29th December, 2020.

Bible Reading: Ecclesiastes 9:13-18

Memory VerseSo even though wisdom is better than strength, those who are wise will be despised if they are poor. What they say will not be appreciated for longEcclesiastes 9:16 (NLT)

Shall we take some spiritual multivitamins today?

On patience: Never be in a hurry, be patient. Patience does not mean to be slow; it means walking in the speed of God.

On pride: Pride and dishonour stops men from stepping into cheap victories.

On divine instructions: Don’t ever let the instructions or strategies of God look foolish to you – Rev. Olusola Areogun.

On absolute surrender to God: The jealousy of God will not accept anything that is not total. The price of all of God is all of you – Apostle Joshua Selman

On the love of God: Everything in a man’s life is navigated by the love of God to square up to purpose and destiny – Apostle Joshua Selman.

On success: Only failures assume success is a game of chance. Success is never by chance. There are definite principles that make successful people. Apply yourself diligently and discover them. You too can be successful – Sam Chiaka.

On fame: There is nothing wrong with wanting to be famous and impactful, but the question is why? – Apostle Joshua Selman

On the supernatural: When a normal man is powered by the supernatural, it becomes abnormal to produce normal results – Pastor George Izunwa

On marriage: When the fire of misunderstanding wants to ravage your marriage. You have a choice: Quench it or allow it to burn.

On hope and faith: Hope is the ability to hear the music of tomorrow while faith is the courage to dance to it today.

On pressure: The pressure of every level of success will crush the man who is not prepared for it.

On prayer: The problem of Christendom today is not “unanswered” prayers but “unuttered” prayers.

On favour: Even if favour gives you a platform, only your performance will sustain and enlarge it. Many who testified that they got a job by favour were eventually fired because they were not competent.

On mentor:  A true mentor is someone who sees potential in you and puts you under pressure to grow capacity before manifesting.

On Bible: Many people mark their Bibles, but the Bibles have not marked any place in their heart.

Prophetic Decree: The wisdom of God shall announce your destiny, in Jesus name.

Prayer Focus

1. Thank you Father because the foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of man

2. By your wisdom that founded the earth, O Lord, please help me to secure my destiny portion.

3. Altars crying against my progress, be silenced by the Blood of Jesus.

4. Before the end of this year, I will pursue, overtake and recover all, in Jesus name.

5. The miracle of “how did it happen” must happen to me in Year 2021, in Jesus name.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR:   Revelation 6-11

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