DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post December
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Monday, 28th December, 2020.

Bible Reading: Genesis 32: 22-32

Memory VerseAnd Jacob was left aloneGenesis 2:24a

It is amazing to know what some people do on the other side of Christianity to generate power. Some lock themselves up in a dark room for more than a month not setting their eyes on the sun, others kill a day-old child, some sleep in the cemetery for many nights, others go on satanic dry fast. Some take blood bath and many others do insane and unheard things simply because they believe, “No blood, no power”. You won’t shift spiritually unless there is a measure of sacrifice made to an effect. But tell a Christian who is about to enter a new year to pray in tongues two hours every night for the next 7 days and add a little fasting, you will be surprised at the radical change in his countenance.

Brethren, there are some wells you must dig personally by yourself. No amount of laying of hands or prophet offering can substitute for this. You remember one of the devotionals in the last quarter titled, “Spiritual Quota System”(DWOJ Vol. 5C, page 36)? Learn to play your own part. The gates of Year 2021 will soon be open. You need to provoke an angelic intervention. Like Jacob in Bethel, angels must ascend and descend over your personal heavens. You must learn to take proactive measures. Learn to enter and take charge of the future before it arrives. Don’t leave your life to chance by saying, “What will be will be”. What will be may never be if you don’t jealously guard it spiritually and intelligently. I challenge you today to plan some days of personal retreat for yourself and then, with your family to seek the face of God.

I’m seeing unexpected miracles still lurked up in the remaining days of this year enroute next year. Position yourself strategically. It is in the hour of such retreats God gives you an eagle eye into the future. Heaven must speak into your life again and afresh. The old fire must be replaced with new fire. Receive grace to know with utmost precision the plan and agenda of God for your life, family, business, ministry, profession, marriage, and career, in the New Year, in Jesus name.

Quote: A wise person enters the future before it ever becomes the present gathering relevant information and putting structures in place for an uncommon take over.

Prophetic Decree: Let the gates of Year 2021 open up for you by fire, in Jesus name.

Prayer Focus

1. Thank You Father because You are the God of yesterday, today, and the future, in Jesus name.

2. Altar of spiritual laziness in my heart, catch fire, in Jesus name.

3. Arrow of spiritual coldness in my life, backfire, in Jesus name.

4. My Father, send uncommon help from heaven unto me, in Jesus name.

5. I receive the prophetic eyes of Elisha, the supernatural might of Samson and the mind of Christ needed to subdue Year 2020 and beyond, in Jesus name.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR:   Revelation 1-5

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