DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post July
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Saturday, 10th July, 2021

Bible Reading: Genesis 50: 15-21

Memory VerseYou plotted evil against me, but God turned it into good, in order to preserve the lives of many people who are alive today because of what happened. Genesis 50:20 (GNT)

Joseph wouldn’t have ever gotten to the throne without his brothers throwing him into a pit and selling him out to Egypt. Actually, they only ended up paying for his free transport fare to his land of destiny. Glory to God! David would never have become king without Goliath. Goliath called forth his sleeping glory. Jesus would never have risen from the dead and brought us salvation without Judas betraying him. Nehemiah needed a Sanballat, Tobiah, and Geshem who were enemies of progress to spice up his testimony of rebuilding the broken walls of Jerusalem. Moses must discomfit Jannes and Jambres, the chief sorcerers of Egypt in order to demonstrate the efficacy of the raw power of God. Dear friend, you see, what your enemies planned for evil, God is always ready to turn it around for your good.

God is not out to humiliate you, but to humble you, prove you, and train you before He eventually plants you in the garden of your destiny. All I am trying to say is: Quit worrying about who is not for you. SOME ENEMIES ARE DESIGNED TO BE A PART OF YOUR SUCCESS STORY. They are not going to stop you but they are going to promote you. Keep running your own race not looking to the left, or to the right; not bothered who is not celebrating you, or who is not cheering you. Other people may not be able to see your gifts because they don’t know what God has put in you; and they can’t feel what you are feeling. Don’t let their discouragement talk you out of purpose. Don’t let the fear of what they think hold you back. Pursue. Perspire. Persevere…. till the end. It will all end in praise. I hear your story of triumph, in Jesus name.

Share your testimony with me:

Quote: Everything is turning around for your good.

Prophetic Decree: The Egyptian you see today, you shall see them no more, in Jesus name.

Prayer Focus

1. Thank You Father because your wisdom is unsearchable.

2. I come against the spirit of discouragement, in the name of Jesus.

3. Those who belittle me shall turn back to celebrate me, in Jesus name.

4. I move from obscurity to limelight, in Jesus name. 5. My glory, buried in the dungeon of life, come out by fire, in Jesus name

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