DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post October
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Saturday, 7th October 2023

Bible Reading:  Acts 10:35

Memory VerseBut in every nation anyone who fears him and does what is right is acceptable to him. Acts 10:35 (ESV)

Comparatively, Africans are more religious than most first world countries. But, why aren’t we as developed as this same people? Does that mean development is not hinged on spirituality? Perhaps we’ve relegated the spirit of God only to the confines of the Church walls forgetting that He is the same Spirit that supplies wisdom and creativity. Don’t forget that some of the best innovations were manufactured by Christians.

Friends, any religious acts that does not translate to good societal values is perhaps a mirage. Any religious act that does not esteem good work sense, personal development, creativity, sound leadership, respect to elders, level playing ground for all irrespective of age, colour, tribe or sex, will not translate much to the collective good of her inhabitants. 

Religious acts that does not publicly address corruption, bigotry, nepotism, bribery, just to mention a few, is only chasing her own shadows. Wake up, Africa! You are too loaded to be grounded. Herein in Africa, the soil is good – you can almost plant anywhere, the people are intelligent – they are usually the best in other countries, there is abundance of mineral resources – in only one country over 53 mineral resources was discovered, etc.

Coupled with our spirituality, until we all sit down decisively to deal with some of our root problems, Africa may still continue to recycle her story of pain and stunted development even in the midst of vast resources and great human potential.

Leadership, Values, Entrepreneurship, and above all, the fear of God must be thought from our pulpits and in schools at all levels and above all, exemplified by the way we live our lives.

Africa shall be great by God’s grace but we all must take responsibility for our corporate destiny. “Great nations are not born great. Great nations are made great” – Benjamin Suulola.

Quote:  Spirituality that does not translate into godly values holds no water. 

Prophetic Decree: Any person, power, or principalities against the Africa continent shall fall after the order of Jericho, in Jesus name.

Prayer Focus 

1. Thank you Father for your investment in Africa.

2. O Lord, enter into the roots of the African continent and heal it, in Jesus name.

3. I come against the principalities working against the African continent by the power in the Blood of Jesus.

4. Rain of positive change fall upon Africa, in Jesus name.

5. Change our mindset O Lord, and deliver us from bad leadership, corruption, bigotry, nepotism, etc, in Jesus name.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Matthew 8, Mark 2

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