DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post February
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FEB 14, 2020

Bible Reading: Galatians 5:16-26, James 4:6

Memory Verse:I affirm, by the boasting in you which I have in Christ Jesus our Lord, I die daily. 1 Corinthians 15:31 (NKJV)

Many years ago, a man called Prophet Omotola and his friend were desirous of the power of God. Both went on several days of prayer and fasting. Then, God told the both of them to meet Him on a particular mountain. On the said date, it rained cat and dog (heavily). His friend decided to wait at home believing God should understand, but Prophet Omotola defied all odds and went under the rain to the mountain. Certain things can only happen in their divine location. God did not only give him his portion, He also gave him that of his friend. History says even Prophet Ayo Babalola calls Prophet Omotola, “My Master”. He was greatly anointed.

There was something in the life of the other man that was yet to be totally surrendered to God. Without the virtue of humility and brokenness, you may not be able to carry the genuine power of God. There is a price to pay. A man fasted and prayed for the raw power of God. On getting home, his dog licked the pap and the bean cake his wife had prepared for him to break his fast. In annoyance, he said, “The Lord rebuke you”. The dog left to the corridor, made a loud scream, stretched out his body, and died right there! Imagine if he had rebuked a human being. The greatest enemy of mankind may not necessarily be the devil but pride. Pride could be carefully hidden undetected for many years.

That anger, lust, alcohol, drugs, material possessions, pornography, vain glory, personal ambition, passion, caustic tongue, that idol of your heart etc., may be withholding the power of God from resting upon your life. You are a wife beater or husband abuser and you’re asking for power? God is not only looking for the available; He is equally looking for men and women who have developed capacity to conquer themselves. This goes beyond self-management skills. Die to flesh, don’t just faint. Don’t be like that computer system in sleep mode but has not been completely shut down. You must become a person who obey the Holy Spirit at any time and at anywhere whether it is convenient or not; just say Yes. Be a person who is daily growing in the fruit of the Spirit.

You must make yourself available for God to use you and surrender your heart to him daily on the altar of crucifixion. Apostle Paul said, “I die daily”. Many have not conquered themselves but desire to conquer the devil. You can’t tame the various works of the flesh in your life such as malice, unforgiveness, bitterness yet, you hope to tame the devil? It doesn’t work that way. You can only revenge disobedience when your own obedience is complete (2 Cor. 10:6). When the raw power of God comes upon your life, never again will the wicked ones press down your head in the dream, never again will you be fed in your dreams and there shall be no more physical or spiritual miscarriages. Stop looking for what to manifest, start looking for what you must become in your heart before God.

Quote: Humility and brokenness are the foundation of the power of God.

Prophetic Decree: Receive the unlimited power of God

Prayer Focus:

1. My foundation receive the fire of deliverance, in Jesus name.

2. Blood of Jesus, purge my blood from pride, arrogance and anger in the name of Jesus.

3. Holy Ghost deliver me from any carefully concealed weakness in my heart, in Jesus name.

4. Holy Spirit, please break me daily. Help me to die to self, in Jesus name.

5. Ancestral weaknesses, hear the voice of God, die, in Jesus name.

6. Raw power of God incubate my life, in the name of Jesus.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Leviticus 5-7

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