DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post January
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Sunday, 2nd January, 2022

Bible Reading: Isaiah 60: 11-13

Memory VerseHe has given you the glory of Lebanon, and it will come to you. Isaiah 60:13a (ISV)

The basic meaning of the word glory is “heavy in weight.” Glory is the “weighty” importance and shining majesty that accompany God’s presence in a life. May your life carry a heavy weight of God’s glory this Year 2022, in Jesus name. However, there are keys needed to accessing the greater glory of God. This is because there is no success without secrets, and there is no possibility without responsibility. Such keys include:

1. Genuine Salvation (John 3:3): You must have the recommended visa to heaven. The greatest glory is when the God of all creation draws the sin-diseased lives of people like you and I, wash us with the Blood of Jesus and calls us His own. Accept Jesus into your life today as your Lord and Saviour.

2. Passion for God (Exodus 33:18; Psalm 63:1-2) : Your passion for God determines your portion with God.

3. Following God’s pattern or plan for your life (Exodus 40:33-35; 25:40; 22:9): Following God’s pattern attracts His glory. When you follow the pattern of God, you enjoy His glory.

4. Praising God in the beauty of Holiness (2 Chronicles 5:13-14; Ex. 15:11) : The praise of God commands the glory of God. To praise God unconditionally is to see His glory abundantly.

5. Unconditional obedience to God’s Word (John 2: 5,11): To obey God is to see His glory manifested: Where the obedience of God is confirmed, the glory of God is on ground.

6. Faith in God’s ability (John 11:40): Your faith in God will pull the manifestation of His Glory.

7. Prayer (Luke 9: 28-36): Fervent heartfelt prayers literally brings down the magnificent glory of God upon a life.

Quote: There is no success without secrets, and there is no possibility without responsibility – Dr Paul Enenche.

Prophetic Decree:  Glory killers of your father’s house shall turn their swords against one another, in Jesus name.

Prayer Focus

O Lord, I ask for the grace to be passionate for You and follow Your pattern for my life. Help me to praise You abundantly, obey you unconditionally and have faith in Your ability, in Jesus’ Name.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Genesis 4-7

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