DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post February
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Sunday, 12th February 2017.

Bible reading: Eze. 21:27, Psa. 35:26.

Memory Verse: “Let mine adversaries be clothed with shame, and let them cover themselves with their own confusion, as with a mantle” Psalm 109:29.

A racist walked into a restaurant in the Europe. As soon as he entered, he noticed an African man sitting in the corner. So, he walked over to the counter, brought out his wallet and shouted “Waiter! I am buying food for everyone in this restaurant, except that black African guy over there!” So, the waiter collected the money from the man and began serving free food to everyone in the restaurant, except the African.

However, instead of becoming upset, the African simply looked up at the racist and shouted, “Thank you!” That infuriated the man. So, once again, the racist took out his wallet and shouted, “Waiter! This time I am buying bottles of wine and additional food for everyone, except for that African sitting in the corner over there!” Again, the waiter did has ordered.

When the waiter finished serving the food and drinks, once again, instead of becoming angry, the African simply smiled at the racist and shouted, “Thank you!” This made him become even more furious. So he leaned over on the counter and said to the Waiter, “What is wrong with that African man? I have bought food and drinks for everyone except him, but instead of becoming angry, he just sits there, smile and shouts, ‘Thank you’. Is he mad?” The waiter smiled and said, “No, he is not mad. He is the owner of this restaurant”.

Quote: Those who live in glasshouse should not throw stones.

Prophetic Word: Because you serve a big God, you shall be bigger than your enemies in Jesus name.

Prophetic Prayers:

  1. Everything the devil thinks he’s doing to double cross you shall work for your favour, in the name of Jesus. Amen
  2. Your enemies shall be utterly disappointed over your case. Amen
  3. The shame and disgrace targeted at you shall go back to the sender in 7 folds. Amen
  4. The Lord shall make you an amazing wonder. Amen

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