DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post June
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Thur Jun 8, 2017.

Bible reading: Philippians 4:12-13.
Memory verse: Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill the promises to her. Luke 1:45 (NIV) accompaniment
Faith in God’s Word: Believe that whatever God says you can do, can be done. That way, you will surmount all impossibilities before you (Isaiah 55:11).
“Your company determines what accompanies you”: Walk with friends and men that are daring, courageous and like a lion, don’t turn away from challenges (Prov. 30:30).
Read good motivational books founded on Biblical principles: This will be of great benefit to you. All leaders are readers. Feed your mind.
Learn from the testimonies of great achievers e.g. the Wright brothers who invented the airplane.
If God is the Creator, then the same spirit of Creativity lies within us. As He is, so we are (1 John 4:17). You have the ability to produce wonderful and fearful things, because inside of you lies eternal life and so, you carry eternal potentials (Psalm 139:14).

“But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible” Matthew 19:26.

Possibility Quotes
You can’t go farther than you can see yourself going.
People who see that things can be done are the ones who get them done.
Those who see themselves as unable to succeed will never succeed.
Possibility is only possible with two beings – “God and ‘whosoever believe’”.
“In order to attain the impossible, one must attempt the absurd.”
Whether you believe you can or not, you’re right.” – Henry Ford
Prophetic Word: I bring down every mountain of unbelief in your heart, in Jesus name.
Prayer Focus:
The spirit of “I can’t”, die, in the name of Jesus.
I receive possibility mentality spirit, in Jesus name.
I receive the capacity to conceive great and notable ideas and innovations, in Jesus name.
The giant of unbelief, die, in Jesus name.

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