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Wednesday, 5th May, 2021

Bible Reading: Nehemiah 5:4-5, 2 Kings 4:1

Memory VerseJust as the rich rule the poor, so the borrower is servant to the lenderProverbs 22:7 (NLT)

Paulina and her husband humbled themselves and were schooled in the school of wealth and money management by Bimpe and her husband. Within few weeks, they sold all their four exotic cars and bought one affordable car. They chose to shut their ears to what people started saying about them. They used the remaining money to pay up their debts, and of course, they began to sleep more peacefully. They moved into a cheaper apartment, sold off all their expensive properties, and bought affordable ones.

They realized multiple millions from the sales; they saved up and spent less. Guess what? 6 years after, they launched their own magnificent mansion, an estate, a supermarket and 8 filling stations. Her husband stopped working after sometime because they both are now employers of labour. All these they achieved from the same money they had always squandered few years back and come to think of it, they can confidently afford that big life now, infact, they can afford more than that without their pocket feeling it. Friend, with a change in habits, you too can come out of debt. Would you mind practicing the following:

1. Live your size per time

2. No matter what, never ever spend more than you’re earning.

3. Save, and invest your savings into real estate, a business, stocks, etc

4. Get a good financial mentor.

5. Buy only what you need, then as your profit increases, you can then buy what you want.

6. Follow this philosophy: Business before pleasure. First, build your business and thereafter, you can use your profit to take care of your want.

7. Avoid the company of pleasure seekers.

8. Provoke a divine intervention. There is an anointing that breaks the yoke of debt.


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Quote: Stop living your life to impress others.

Prophetic Decree: By the anointing of the Holy Ghost, come out from the pit of debt, in Jesus name.

Prayer Focus

1. Thank you Father because You are more than enough.

2. I receive wisdom for a profitable lifestyle, in Jesus name.

3. Holy Spirit, please help me to control my spendings, in Jesus name.

4. Anointing of pocket with leaking holes, dry up, in Jesus name.

5. Familiar spirit of debt, die, in Jesus name.

6. Garment of shame and debt upon me, catch fire, in Jesus name.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR:  Psalms 1-2, 15, 22-24, 47, 68

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