DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post January
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JAN 4, 2020

Bible Reading: Luke 14:28-32

Memory Verse:The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps. Proverbs 16:9(NASB)

Planning is the process of thinking about the activities required to achieve a desired goal. It is the first and foremost activity to achieve desired results. Planning talks about “the how” of the vision – how do I achieve this vision? Planning is the step by step way to achieving your vision. You shouldn’t just build castles in the air, you must have a workable plan to get there. If you have a vision of buying a land in Year 2020, then what must you do to get it? “Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.” ― Fitzhugh Dodson.

You must be ready to sacrifice and delay your gratifications. How much are you willing to save every month? Do you have the vision to be amongst the top 4 students in your class? Then, how many more hours would you give to your studies? Do you have a vision to be spiritually fervent in Year 2020? How many hours are you ready to dedicate for personal bible study and fervent prayers. Do you have the vision to grow the net worth of your business into millions? Then, what strategic corporate change are you willing to make? No vision works without an adequate plan.

You must be ready to work it out. “A man who does not plan long ahead will find trouble at his door.” ― Confucius, Chinese philosopher. Expecting your vision to materialize without adequate planning and putting much effort is like waiting for a ship at the airport. “If plan A doesn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters – 204 if you’re in Japan.” ― Claire Cook. This Year, your vision shall materialize, in Jesus name. Consider these quotes:

1. “Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution; this gives you a 1,000 percent return on energy!” Brian Tracy.

2. “Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.” Fitzhugh Dodson.

3. “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

4. “Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” Alan Lakein, author.

5. “Always plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.” Richard Cushing.

6. “To be successful, your personal plan must focus on what you want, not what you have.” Nido Qubein.

Quote: A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power Brian Tracy.

Prophetic Decree: I command any altar speaking against your advancement in Year 2020 to catch fire.

Prayer Focus

1. Thank Father for the privilege of life.

2. I reject mental laziness in Year 2020, in Jesus name.

3. Holy Spirit, speak Your plans for into my heart this year, in Jesus name.

4. I receive grace for ordered steps this Year, in Jesus name.

5. Mountain of impossibility before me, become plain, in Jesus name.


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