DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post June
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Tue Jun 6, 2017

Bible reading: Daniel 3:1-18.
Memory Verse: For as he thinks within himself, so he is. Proverbs 23:7 (NASB)

Nothing empowers destiny like dreams. A dream is a picture within you that navigates the future ahead; and no one ever arrives at a future he cannot see. Seeing right, thinking right and dreaming heights are vital catalysts of possibility mentality.
We must strive to be thinkers and not just readers. We live in a ‘thinkers’ world; not a ‘readers’ world and thinkers rule the world. Everything a man reads is another man’s perspective and view on the subject.
In our society today, we have lots of educated folks, but very few thinkers. Education is a platform for thinking solutions; we are to think our way out, or we fall all the way through. You have to be a wide reader, and a wide thinker to make any serious impact. Show me a committed thinker, and I will show you another influential person in the making. There is need for intellectual bravery if relevance must be attained and there is nothing ‘undarable’ until it is dubbed ‘unthinkable’.
Everyone has the God-given right both to think and to express his or her thoughts. It is imagination that defines destination and a possibility mentality that makes a giant. A man’s thoughts will either make or break him.
Therefore, until we change the way we think, we cannot change the way we live. As ‘lack mentality’ makes a pauper, so does ‘success mentality’ makes a star (Proverbs 23:7). Life is worth much more than just making a living; the worth of life is about impact.
Possibility mentality is about daring the ‘undarable,’ and it takes a global mentality to make global impact. 10% of humans think, 25% think that they think and 65% would rather die than think. Are you a thinker?
Quote: Think the unthinkable, dare the impossible, move the immoveable.
Prophetic Word: I infuse a supernatural spark in your thought pattern, in Jesus name..
Prayer points:
My Father, give me a lion heart to obtain a lion share in life, in Jesus name.
I cast out every spirit of impossibility, in the name of Jesus. 
Let the eyes of my understanding be opened to see wealth in poverty, prosperity in hardship and opportunities in famine, in Jesus name.
I receive a new heart and a new spirit after the order of Joshua and Caleb, in Jesus name.
Holy Spirit, help me to think like you, in Jesus name!

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