DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post January
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Thursday, 12th January 2017

Bible reading: Gen. 26:12-16.

Memory verse: “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you “Matthew 6:33 (NKJV).

In 1919 and as a Christian, Le Tourneau felt the tug to do more for God. He went to his pastor, Reverend Devol, for advice. R.G. thought that anyone who was wholly committed to Christ had to become a pastor or a missionary to truly fulfil the great commission. After deep prayer with his pastor, R.G. Le Tourneau was shocked to hear Rev. Devol say the words that guided him for the rest of his life: “God needs businessmen too”. This was a revelation to R. G. He immediately began to consider his business to be in partnership with God.

Still, R. G. Le Tourneau was puzzled as to why God would choose him His businessman, especially when at the age of 40, in the year 1927, a big construction job went bad and put him $100,000 in debt. 

The surety company that had backed R. G. .LeTourneau on the construction job that posted the $100,000 loss was going to see to it that he paid them back every penny owed. He told the problem to God. The owner of the surety company suddenly had a change of heart on his arrival.

Meanwhile, R.G. had skipped his yearly mission’s pledge the year before so he was committed to making good with the Lord. He told the accountant deployed to reign in his account that he had pledged $5,000 to his church for missions. The accountant couldn’t believe his ears because he didn’t realize who R.G. partner in business was. He paid his mission’s commitment fully that year then, his business hit a breakthrough.

Quote: When you put God first, God puts you first. Nothing dies in the Presence of God.

Prophetic Word: Receive grace to be faithful to God even during difficulties in Jesus name.

Prayer Points:

1. Let the Caterpillar of heaven bring down every power on my way to breakthrough, in Jesus name.

2. I will not be an enemy to myself; I receive grace to put God first, in Jesus name.

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